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MANday 19: Classic Man

Hellurr… Happy new month lovelies!! I stepped into the month with this annoying cold. Haven’t had a cold in the longest time. Anyways I stepped into November, not without my love for clothes. Menswear inclusive. I was looking through pictures I took at the just concluded Lagos Fashion and Design Week (LFDW) here, and at pictures of a certain young man whose style I love, and I had to say to myself again, ‘I love fashion shaaaa!!’. lol. Today’s classic man isn’t all about wearing expensive clothes, or the larger-than-life designer outfits.

Hellur!! What special thing is happening today? I know it’s MANday, but it feels like there’s something else we’re supposed to be celebrating. Oh that’s right. Arsenal is second on the league table!!!! I know we’re not there yet but hey don’t hate alright, congratulate! Meanwhile Chelsea, how market?? loool…no I didn’t come here to look for trouble. I’m just excited, is all. But while we go on, take a chill pill in Taylor Swift’s song, ‘Everything has changed‘ cos things are about to change yo…Arsenal is progressively advancing to

Hellurrr… Believe it or not, the month is fast ending!! Soon November will be around the corner and with it, a lot of weddings! I think the ember months have the most weddings. Are you excited?? But who doesn’t love weddings eh? Who? Even if you’ve been burnt before, I’m sure somewhere down at the bottom of your heart, you love the idea of love and weddings. Tell. The. Truth. lol. I love love. I grew up on songs like ‘If you’re not the One’ by Daniel Bedingfield. Infact I

Hellurr…Imma be honest with you, it took a double dose of God’s grace today to get me outta bed. For the first time in a long some time, I was weary of monday. But hey, its MANday so let’s smile a little shall we? Help me find it, by Sidewalk Prophets is playing in the shadows and it kinda feels like what you silently asked me to do. Find the new and emerging trends on the fashion scene. Hehehehe. So I found this trend lately. The POCKAFTAN. The Kaftan has

Hellurr…:) Happy new week guys!! Indeed happy new month as well. I trust it has been a smooth one so far, 4 days gone by!! Let’s do a challenge this month yea? Yea I know its MANday and imma get to that in a minute, but I just feel like i should do this first. I’ve loved Anthony Evans for the longest time and it seems this song, ‘Love Is’ is my favourite. I’m currently listening and it reminded me again of how selfish we are when we say we

Hellurrr!! Can the holiday come back around? Pretty please?? *tears in eye* It was such a densely packed weekend/holiday! Weddings, birthdays, hook ups with friends, and to crown it all was the Spirit Life Conference that just ended! *whew*. It was too crazy. I enjoyed every bit of the ride though, just wish I had one extra day to just chill, you know. And have that Bruno Mars kinda today-i-dont-feel-like-doing-anything day. *sigh*. Oh well. At least its MANday. Who’s excited?? Before I get into sharing some outfit ideas I found

Hellurr..:) How was your weekend?? Mine was too packed I barely had time to breathe! Had to hang out with a few friends, attend my friend Jite’s lunch with Airtel, the she-hive session with SheLeadsAfrica..*whew* I had lots of highlights though. Thank God its MANday! I’ve wanted to do a list of the stylish men around the block so here it is! The men who at some point or the other have succeeded in taking me to style heaven. I love! 10. Emmanuel Ikubese: Most know him as Mr Nigeria

Hellurrr…:) Anybody home? Yeah I see you. How was your weekend? Mine was ah-maz-innggg. Wasn’t so much in the activity but in the people I spent it with. Who did you spend yours with? Listening to One Republic’s ‘I swear I lived’ and I can’t get enough. Another recommendation from yours truly. So what have you done with your suit recently? What new style have you tried? Or you just sew them straight up and take them to church, weddings and work? Interesting. Well I was out yesterday and saw

Hellurrr… 🙂 Long weekend yea? Well you just got served! Its MANday err’one! What were you up to over the weekend though? How much dose of fun did you have? Or you had work to deal with too? Hmmm. Well today on your MANday serving, we’re catering to the sneaker lovers in the house. I love sneakers myself! I found these new designs to be released this month by the big guns and I thought to share with y’all. Lets feed our eyes! First is the New Balance ‘Real Ale’

Hellurrrr…is anybody home?? There must have been so much fun last weekend with the Hennessy and many more events that went down. At least on this side of town. And yes I do know what you did last weekend….eating all sorts..hmmm… Thank goodness its MANday…hehehe. Well one of you special readers in need of the magical arms, eye-watering abs and mega fast brains, asked that I give a few tips on how men can exercise right but I thought..hmmm…why not start first with how men can eat right and smartly. I

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