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Hellurr…hope your day is going well. Yes I’m back to posting as often as I usually do, or at least I’m trying. So help me God. It’s #MarriageChronicles day and as a single or not-yet-married girl, I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to write about but I’ll just go with the flow.  But before we delve in, some Pillow Talk by Zayn. Who’s excited about The Wilson’s? I am!! I’ve always loved Ciara, since the days I used to watch her and learn dance moves from her, and knowing

Hellurr…Hope your week is going well. Mine has been bittersweet but I hope the sweet part wins at the end of the week. Do you want to live in the truth this morning? Well here it is. I’ve struggled with what to blog about for a few days now. I don’t know what or why. Maybe it’s my writings for HuffingtonPost and other platforms, or something else. I pray God replenish my source of inspiration real quick. Cos all I want really, is to keep doing what I love and

Hellurr…would you believe me if I said I’ve missed you? That won’t be a lie at all as I’ve sworn to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. A LOT has happened these past few weeks! I fell terribly ill, my blog got yanked off, I lost some files, gosh…where do I start from? Well let’s just say it’s great to be home again. These walls feel just as safe as the last time I was here. How have y’all been though? Oh hey for some

Hellurr…did you miss marriage chronicles last week? I did! If you haven’t read earlier articles here, here and here, you definitely should. Today I’m intrigued by the tests we carry out before we say ‘yes’. Really I am. But before we chew on the meat of the matter, I’d love to set the mood…Queen B with Hello.. I had an interesting conversation with a group of friends last week and believe me I wish y’all were with me. One of us was sharing on one of the tests she must

Hellurr…I never fully get how someone could let anger destroy something that has taken months, maybe years to build. I do understand that sometimes people can vex us to the marrow and anger will then need to be expressed. But how far is too far? Since no one is angry here, let’s listen to Emeli Sande. Soothing I tell you. I have seen friendships, relationships and anger go down the drain because one moment in anger was ill managed. And that’s incredibly sad. We are allowed to be frustrated, irritated

Hellurr….it’s almost weekend!! I have butterflies in my tummy not because I’m getting married this weekend but because I just realized how much I love writing. I was reading my articles published on Huffington Post here and here and I couldn’t help but smile and appreciate God for the gifts He has blessed me with. I honestly don’t deserve any of them. But He thinks I do and that’s why He’s my number 1 boyfriend! Music for the day is Dr Vernon’s we’re amazed. Have fun while listening. So I

Hellurr…. It’s the last few days in February and it’s been as tightly packed as ever. How has your week been? What eventful thing has happened? I’d love to know!! I apologize for not posting anything on style yesterday, it was just one long, blessed day!!! *sigh*. I really should start scheduling weekly though. God help me. Anybody remember this Superhuman song?? Chris Brown and Keri? Oh I’ve missed it!! So it’s #marriagechronicles Thursday and dresses are the matter of the day. How many dresses are too much for your

Hellurr… So it’s Thursday and we’re closer to the weekend than we were yesterday!! Great news yes?? It’s also another #marriagechronicles epistle and I’m baring all the nudes on the streets today. Nudes in my heart that is. Just before we go on, you know that song Bunibe I talked about in one of my earlier posts? The video is out here and I must say, it’s good to have Obiwon back. If I may ask, how many of us have nude pictures of us or have ever taken nudes

Hellurr…have you ever woken up with someone on your mind and can’t deny the smile that creeps to your face. Like the person steps out of your dreams into reality and just continues with you into your day?? Creepy! Yet lovely. It’s safe to say I’m having one of those kinda mornings. Don’t ask me who…*tongue out*. I used to love this Madonna’s song and it best suits this text. Do listen, and then read. So on the chronicle today, I thought to talk about letting go. I didn’t want

Hellurrr… It’s usually with mixed feelings that people approach the month of February. They call it the month of love so naturally every dealer, vendor or service provider starts giving valentine deals and I’m like chill…it’s still weeks away!! Lol. And then you have others who just can’t be bothered by the term. Like seriously, there are more important things, they may think! While we’re still perceiving the fresh scent of love and a new month, let’s sing along to Maroon 5 sugar. Love the song especially the video! To

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