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Hellurrr… It’s Thursday and another episode of #MarriageChronicles just got off the fire and it’s a letter from a lady to her future husband. So I meant to publish this on another blog I write for but decided to use it here instead. Guess what inspired this post? Well among other things, this Meghan Trainor’s song did a number on me. Love the song. Do listen. So I know a lot of us who are eagerly waiting to be married would really love our future husbands to know a few things. I wrote

Hellurrr…So you guys won..I’m now doing this. *rolls eyes*. I honestly don’t know what qualifies me to write about a bride or marriage seeing as I’m not married, yet. But I guess God calls the unqualified yes? hehehe. I hope and earnestly pray that this series will add value to you even more than it does for me. I’ll be chronicling all I’m learning as I prepare myself for that huge phase, as well as what I’ve observed from marriages of friends, family and foe around. lol. #MarriageChronicles!! Yayy!! Let’s

Hellurrr…If you follow me as much as I hope you do, you’ll notice I don’t usually post on Thursdays. I keep a day job so I like to work with a schedule that favours me. However I woke up to my IG page on fire over a picture I casually posted. Oh man! I was as wide-eyed as a 6 month old baby!! If you’re not following me on IG already, do so like NOW here and see what I’m referring to. It was amazing and hilarious at the same

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