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Hellurr to the R! Can someone holla Friyay!! Time to put on some jumpsuit and strut into the weekend like a boss! How has your week been? Remember when I said here that I’ve been hoping for the sweet part to take over the bittersweet nature of my week? Well God came through! It’s getting sweeter. What song do we celebrate with now? Let’s dance to Phil Collin’s Find a way to my heart. Old school for the weekend! So I never really was a fan of jumpsuits. For a

Hellurr…so pictures have been flying all over the internet on the MET gala best dressed. I’ve seen the domination of Balmain on the red carpet by the Kardashian family and Beyoncé’s aura sweep the floor, but I’m more interested in the not so popular stars. Among them are some really dope outfits. After all, if the Kardashians and the Carters don’t show up to a party, we’ll still see some nice outfits right? Since we’re not featuring le boo Beyoncé on the best dressed list, let’s hear her play her Blue

Hellurr…when I say I love animal print you think I’m joking?? *sigh*. Lord help me. I styled an animal print outfit here and today I’m excited to share another one. Meanwhile it seems fuel circulation is getting better as I faced some traffic on my way home. The cars are back! Lol. Well let’s hope this scarcity goes for good. Mosa on the beat with ‘Marry you’. Enjoy! So it’s Friday and a lot of us have weddings to attend tomorrow and are wondering what to wear. Iro and buba are

Hellurr… happy Wednesday!! Who are you crushing on today? For me, it’s TwentySix and their skirts! My love for made-in-Nigeria things just spiked up one bar when I saw this new collection by the eccentric brand. I have seen bloggers and friends rock some of their skirts but these are really dope! Before we get ahead of ourselves, can we take a moment to sing along with India Arie? Long time no hear right? ‘I am not my hair’ for them ladies in the room, especially the ‘naturalistas’. Fellas have

Hellurr… so it’s been a couple of days since I posted. No it’s not among the trends but true, it has been a long while. Work, and other spices got in the way and I apologize. However, it didn’t stop me from noticing the streets and what I can’t wait to add to my closet. I think you too. Let’s add a new song to our library as well. Sorry by Bieber! See, I’m sorry..hehehe. Meanwhile the dance in the video gets me every blessed time! lol. Apart from sports,

Hellurr..whites have never really been my favorite pieces. Yet it is one of the most versatile staples you can have. It’s Friday and another time to share some outfit inspirations! Oh yes, it’s the end of the working week for most of us as well. Can we toast to an amazing weekend yet? Cue music! Hey Rihanna. I had this shoot with the amazing Amah Afadameh some weeks ago and I can never tire of saying how much fun I have whenever I shoot with him. I don’t think I’ve

Deep Friday Blues

friday blues

Hellurr… how excited are you over the coming weekend? It’s all red and blues here as I foresee a busy weekend. Mixed feelings. However I’m thankful the week was a good as it was. I may be a little short on words to feel this post with but hey, at least John Legend is ready to dish us a not so blue number. I loved this song for the longest time. The clarion call is the kind I believe we Nigerians desperately need. If you’re out there. Sing along!! We

Hellurr….If you are a style blog reader, like a really serious one, then Folake shouldn’t be a new name to you. Or perhaps you know her by her blog, Arghh this chic kills me, literally, with her style. Before I get all excited about this damsel, can I first share my current obssession? This James Arthur song, Certain things have been playing since I visited my girl, Gracie’s blog yesterday, great blog I must add. Oh dear. The song just makes me feel some kinda way. Cant explain. Just

Hellurr…It’s mid week and a lot of folks like me are still excited at the just concluded Grammys. Taylor won!!! You know how much I love that chic yes? I’m not so happy with what she wore though but heck, I still love her! It goes without saying that this week’s song has to be one of hers. Here’s everything has changed with Ed Sheeran. One of my favorites. I was really happy with the people who took home the plaque two nights ago at the Grammys. Ed Sheeran, Taylor,

Hellurrr…so today is one of my favorite and special days everrrrr!! Not just because it’s a friday, but I just got published on BellaNaija!! I know it could be normal gist to some folks but this is really a big deal for me. It just shows me that whatever you set your mind to do, and do well, as long as God’s in it, you will succeed! Like I can scream right now! lol. Anyway please read and comment on the article here. Show some love please!! Let the BN

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