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Hellurr….yes I know the song you’re expecting me to tag here is Beyoncé’s listen and you’re right. After the weekend I’ve had, I could do with less talk and more listening. But before we go on to ‘listen’ to the written words in this article, well let’s indulge a little with Queen Bey. Indeed it’s Monday and though this is coming a little late in the day, I do hope you appreciate this little pill-the priceless art of listening. Admittedly, I was forced into mastering this art due to some

Hellurr…. these are happy feet running into a new week! Ain’t you just grateful? I’m indeed grateful and with the gratitude comes a truth that I stopped running from. If you watch my Instagram stories, you’d know I promised to talk about a chord this song strikes anytime I listen to it. You should listen too. Runnin by Naughty Boy featuring Bee. You know how some people run away from some truths about themselves? Oh I know it all too well. The fear of not being who you’ve planned to

Hellurr…so pictures have been flying all over the internet on the MET gala best dressed. I’ve seen the domination of Balmain on the red carpet by the Kardashian family and Beyoncé’s aura sweep the floor, but I’m more interested in the not so popular stars. Among them are some really dope outfits. After all, if the Kardashians and the Carters don’t show up to a party, we’ll still see some nice outfits right? Since we’re not featuring le boo Beyoncé on the best dressed list, let’s hear her play her Blue

Hellurr…did you miss marriage chronicles last week? I did! If you haven’t read earlier articles here, here and here, you definitely should. Today I’m intrigued by the tests we carry out before we say ‘yes’. Really I am. But before we chew on the meat of the matter, I’d love to set the mood…Queen B with Hello.. I had an interesting conversation with a group of friends last week and believe me I wish y’all were with me. One of us was sharing on one of the tests she must

Hellurr…it kinda feels cliché that we’re all writing about gift and love this season but hey, it’s what you expect though. While I’ll always say giving and loving shouldn’t be kept on the shelf till the 14th of February, and that valentine to some of us isn’t really much of a big deal, I understand it is to a whole number of you lovelies and so I thought to pick out some ideas for you so you don’t have to struggle with sending gifts. Meanwhile Taylor Swift’s Red is playing

MANday 21: Scarves X Men

Hellurrrrrrrr…. *jumps on your desk/bed*. You can tell I’m excited yes? Well, it’s MANday!!!! Can you believe this is the 21st episode? Like we’ve been doing this for the past 20 weeks now! To say I’m grateful is to put it mildly. God has been awesome, and y’all my lovely readers, have been too amazing for words. I feel like writing a song like Beyoncé for y’all now..hehehe. Since I can’t, maybe you should listen to Runnin by Naughty Boy and Beyoncé. From me to you…*kisses* And now to the

Stripes X Colours

Hellurr…is it Friday or what?? I actually felt the need to dress up to work today. I started thinking up what to wear since yesterday, which is not usually the case. I was that excited. Dunno why. Maybe cos I get to share an outfit post with you today…hehehe. Anyways..I’m still hung on Dare’s Naked album, pardon me. What??!! When you get to listen, you’ll understand where I’m coming from. Gosh! So who’s hanging out today? Or going to a wedding tomorrow? I wore this dress on the third day

Hellurrr….who’s feeling very 55ish today? Not yet? Maybe tomorrow? Hmmm…. I was tempted to keep this post till Oct 1st to properly celebrate with my nation Nigeria as she turns a year older, but I thought with all the rush of broadcasts for your attention tomorrow, its best to do this today. I wasn’t born in the era before independence, I wasn’t even born in the decade that followed it closely, but I’ve read enough to know that Nigeria has been through a lot! Most will say the years of

Hellurrr…Yea I know the Premier League is back but c’monnn, you can still holla at a sister! I must admit I was a little heart broken by Arsenal but then again…we live to fight another day. Haters pls park..*straight face*. In other news, its MANday!!! And I have this amazing Beyonce number ‘Rise Up’ to go with this lovely morning. Lovely song! I’ve often wondered how our lovely men can look really dapper and still maintain an affordable lifestyle. I must admit, I’ve always thought looking like a page off

Hellurrr…How you doing?? *in Wendy Williams voice*..I know you’ve waited too long for Friday, smile now, its here!! What will you be doing with yourself after work hours today? Movies? Hanging out with le boo? Chilling with the guys? Clubbing? Vigil in church? Home chilling with a book and wine? Hmmm…Can you guess what I’ll be doing though? hehehehe… Now before you wander too far on what my thoughts are today, I’ll tell you. Yesterday, I kinda walked down memory lane (I seem to do that a lot these days,

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