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Hellurr…. It’s Wednesday! I know we would usually crush on one of my style inspiration but today, I’m really not inspired. So I thought I’ll just talk about my love-hate relationship with wigs so far. I’ve had quite an experience! But first, let’s sway to some feel good jam. I felt India Arie’s I am not my hair was the best fit for this post today. *wide grin* I feel like I should also say, that I am not my hair! Lol. I’m much more than that. So! I haven’t

Stripes X Colours

Hellurr…is it Friday or what?? I actually felt the need to dress up to work today. I started thinking up what to wear since yesterday, which is not usually the case. I was that excited. Dunno why. Maybe cos I get to share an outfit post with you today…hehehe. Anyways..I’m still hung on Dare’s Naked album, pardon me. What??!! When you get to listen, you’ll understand where I’m coming from. Gosh! So who’s hanging out today? Or going to a wedding tomorrow? I wore this dress on the third day

Hellurrr…It’s funny how I can be this pumped after the kinda day I had yesterday and today. Oh Lord! That’s story for Instagram. Follow me pretty please if you aren’t already. But really, am I excited today or yea?? Not only is today friday, it’s a day I get to profile a phenomenal and inspiring blogger on this month’s edition of blogger spotlight. Hmmm… today’s feature is on a tall glass of ‘chocolatey’goodness, you don’t want to miss. You know that lovely feeling you get when you listen to Taylor

Rock That Culotte!

Hellurrr…Culottes are in. You hear me, Culottes are so in! Hehehe. I’m pretty much screaming that into my ears cos I still see this trend as one of the most confused audacious outfit to rock. Imma be honest with you, I own not a single culotte. I mean not one. So I’m sorry you won’t see a picture of me in one here. However, it don’t mean I don’t know a thing or two about them. I’m a hard core critic I thought instead of flinching when I see