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Hellurr…. It’s the last few days in February and it’s been as tightly packed as ever. How has your week been? What eventful thing has happened? I’d love to know!! I apologize for not posting anything on style yesterday, it was just one long, blessed day!!! *sigh*. I really should start scheduling weekly though. God help me. Anybody remember this Superhuman song?? Chris Brown and Keri? Oh I’ve missed it!! So it’s #marriagechronicles Thursday and dresses are the matter of the day. How many dresses are too much for your

Hellurr…How’s your monday going?? It may be a little far into the day but it’s never to late to serve you your special, well tailored slice of MANday. For some reason I’m really excited about this post. I cant explain it but when I see a stylishly dressed man, I pay 50 shades of respect! And I just saw one. Can we have some No air sound track right now? Thank you. Not many people can dare to pull off the sneakers on suit trend, yet it’s one look that

Hellurrr…so today is one of my favorite and special days everrrrr!! Not just because it’s a friday, but I just got published on BellaNaija!! I know it could be normal gist to some folks but this is really a big deal for me. It just shows me that whatever you set your mind to do, and do well, as long as God’s in it, you will succeed! Like I can scream right now! lol. Anyway please read and comment on the article here. Show some love please!! Let the BN