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Hellurrr…. gather round and welcome to the weekend! As usual there’s some street-style inspiration but first, has anyone noticed how fast the month is going? At first I thought January was slow but it seems to be picking up. Or is it just me? Hmm. Well today’s tune will feature James Arthur with, say you wont let go. Street-style to me has transcended beyond just the clothes, to something else. I admire the audacity of some of my fellow fashionistas. They seem to raise the bar every time and maybe

Hellurrr…who remembers that time when MTN’s ad had y’ello in almost every copy? I felt it was a nice play on the word yellow then! Now I just think it’s cheesy but still, great ad! Well,today we style! If you are a regular visitor, you know what’s to be served first. Some good music! Allow me take you back in time to some Michael Bolton! One of my favorite tracks of his is ‘When I’m Back On My Feet Again‘. That song has a way of waking up some dormant

Hellurrr….we’re half way through the week! And it’s style crush Wednesday for those who aren’t yet used to the pattern. I admit, I haven’t posted any of my style in a few weeks but I will do so this Friday. In the meantime, a tall glass of Neyo with this number Miss Independent. This is one of my all time favorite songs as it was dedicated to my young teenage self a very long time ago, by one correct and special ‘somborri’. Hehe. Story for another day *wink*. Now today’s

Hellurrr…compliments of the season!! Have you been resting this holiday? Or working? Whichever the case, I’m just humbly pleased that we have come this far into the year. I mean it’s just a few days more and we’ll be embracing 2017 with open arms. In the spirit of the season, here’s a little something. I’m not going to act like I haven’t missed you, I have! It’s been one long year and while I’m incredibly thankful for the leaps we took both individually and as a community, I’m aware of

Hellurr…how’s your day going? I know it’s a little late in the day but not to late to get some style inspiration. It’s Wednesday and the week is almost done! Who’s excited? Seeing as I work the weekends these days I’m not sure I’m looking forward to it, but I’m excited still. Anyway let’s get to it. For the song of the week I found this lovely piece by ORU worship centre, Let Praise Rise. I really love to listen to gospel pieces, and while I try to mix it

Hellurrrrr….I feel like it’s been 20 years! Hence the plenty rrrrrss. I think I have to remove the cobweb before sharing the style steal for the week. It’s been too long. I’m having a great time watching The Voice and sharing this little bits with you. Since we’re in the music zone, let’s ride along with Travis Greene with this spectacular number, All The Glory. It’s Monday and you know how we serve it every MANday. Today however, it’ll be different. Maybe I had a bit of cute baby overdose over

Hellurr…when I say I love animal print you think I’m joking?? *sigh*. Lord help me. I styled an animal print outfit here and today I’m excited to share another one. Meanwhile it seems fuel circulation is getting better as I faced some traffic on my way home. The cars are back! Lol. Well let’s hope this scarcity goes for good. Mosa on the beat with ‘Marry you’. Enjoy! So it’s Friday and a lot of us have weddings to attend tomorrow and are wondering what to wear. Iro and buba are

Hellurr… happy Wednesday!! Who are you crushing on today? For me, it’s TwentySix and their skirts! My love for made-in-Nigeria things just spiked up one bar when I saw this new collection by the eccentric brand. I have seen bloggers and friends rock some of their skirts but these are really dope! Before we get ahead of ourselves, can we take a moment to sing along with India Arie? Long time no hear right? ‘I am not my hair’ for them ladies in the room, especially the ‘naturalistas’. Fellas have

Hellurr… so it’s been a couple of days since I posted. No it’s not among the trends but true, it has been a long while. Work, and other spices got in the way and I apologize. However, it didn’t stop me from noticing the streets and what I can’t wait to add to my closet. I think you too. Let’s add a new song to our library as well. Sorry by Bieber! See, I’m sorry..hehehe. Meanwhile the dance in the video gets me every blessed time! lol. Apart from sports,

Hellurr..whites have never really been my favorite pieces. Yet it is one of the most versatile staples you can have. It’s Friday and another time to share some outfit inspirations! Oh yes, it’s the end of the working week for most of us as well. Can we toast to an amazing weekend yet? Cue music! Hey Rihanna. I had this shoot with the amazing Amah Afadameh some weeks ago and I can never tire of saying how much fun I have whenever I shoot with him. I don’t think I’ve

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