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Hellurrr…Happy New Month! This must be the latest you’ve gotten a post but that’s because something new is brewing! What better time to introduce it than in an unusual way. MANday is still running, however today we’ll talk about something else. Since it’s a new month, let’s celebrate with a lovely piece from Lecrae..Just because he’s the best, well among the best. Lol. So I don’t plan to tease you for too long, but I will tease. You know, I have lived on the edge for long time. It almost

Hellurr…Hope your week is going well. Mine has been bittersweet but I hope the sweet part wins at the end of the week. Do you want to live in the truth this morning? Well here it is. I’ve struggled with what to blog about for a few days now. I don’t know what or why. Maybe it’s my writings for HuffingtonPost and other platforms, or something else. I pray God replenish my source of inspiration real quick. Cos all I want really, is to keep doing what I love and

Hellurr….it’s almost weekend!! I have butterflies in my tummy not because I’m getting married this weekend but because I just realized how much I love writing. I was reading my articles published on Huffington Post here and here and I couldn’t help but smile and appreciate God for the gifts He has blessed me with. I honestly don’t deserve any of them. But He thinks I do and that’s why He’s my number 1 boyfriend! Music for the day is Dr Vernon’s we’re amazed. Have fun while listening. So I