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Hellurrr…how grateful are you to see such a beautiful week?? While I’m still relieving the gorgeousness designers served us at the AMVCA last weekend, I’m excited about the prospects of the new week. Are you? I’m still on a John Legend high, so let’s serenade our MANday morning with this lovely piece. I’ve loved this song for the longest time. This Time. Let me know if you like it in the comment section below. For some reason I feel the need to push someone to stop giving excuses and take

Hellurrr… It’s Thursday and another episode of #MarriageChronicles just got off the fire and it’s a letter from a lady to her future husband. So I meant to publish this on another blog I write for but decided to use it here instead. Guess what inspired this post? Well among other things, this Meghan Trainor’s song did a number on me. Love the song. Do listen. So I know a lot of us who are eagerly waiting to be married would really love our future husbands to know a few things. I wrote

Hellurrr…baby boys and girls!! A happy, joyous, sugary 2016 to you all!!! It’s already 11 days I know, but the year is still all shades of new. Most of us have resumed at our offices, in our office gear, on site, and some are still chilling at home in peejays…hmmm. Well it should be so, we should get moving cos the train already left the station. This year, we make no excuses and leave no stone unturned. Lord, I sound like my father. lool. Have I talked to you this

Hellurrr….You know me, always smelling the weekend even when it’s miles away. Well I can smell you weekend!! How’s your week going guys?? I’ve had a really amazing weekend, albeit bad drivers in Lagos traffic and a bad light situation in my estate. It’s been a good week so far. Hope yours has been good too. Well, add this pretty little number to the good in your week. This Is Living by Lecrae and Hillsong Young and Free. I love! Trust you will too. I like to think I’m an

Hellurrr… Believe it or not, the month is fast ending!! Soon November will be around the corner and with it, a lot of weddings! I think the ember months have the most weddings. Are you excited?? But who doesn’t love weddings eh? Who? Even if you’ve been burnt before, I’m sure somewhere down at the bottom of your heart, you love the idea of love and weddings. Tell. The. Truth. lol. I love love. I grew up on songs like ‘If you’re not the One’ by Daniel Bedingfield. Infact I

Hellurrr….who’s feeling very 55ish today? Not yet? Maybe tomorrow? Hmmm…. I was tempted to keep this post till Oct 1st to properly celebrate with my nation Nigeria as she turns a year older, but I thought with all the rush of broadcasts for your attention tomorrow, its best to do this today. I wasn’t born in the era before independence, I wasn’t even born in the decade that followed it closely, but I’ve read enough to know that Nigeria has been through a lot! Most will say the years of

Hellurrr!! Can the holiday come back around? Pretty please?? *tears in eye* It was such a densely packed weekend/holiday! Weddings, birthdays, hook ups with friends, and to crown it all was the Spirit Life Conference that just ended! *whew*. It was too crazy. I enjoyed every bit of the ride though, just wish I had one extra day to just chill, you know. And have that Bruno Mars kinda today-i-dont-feel-like-doing-anything day. *sigh*. Oh well. At least its MANday. Who’s excited?? Before I get into sharing some outfit ideas I found

Off The Runway

Hellurrr…:) Who has listened to Lose to Win by Fantasia? You have? Oh boy, I don’t know where I’ve been all this time. I just heard it and I’m sure it has played at least a hundred times in the fast few hours!! In fact, I have to be careful not to type out the lyrics here as I’m currently listening! *wink* If you haven’t heard it, well, click on the link above and listen away! Now back to planet earth and the fashion street. *whew*. The New York Fashion

Hellurr..:) How was your weekend?? Mine was too packed I barely had time to breathe! Had to hang out with a few friends, attend my friend Jite’s lunch with Airtel, the she-hive session with SheLeadsAfrica..*whew* I had lots of highlights though. Thank God its MANday! I’ve wanted to do a list of the stylish men around the block so here it is! The men who at some point or the other have succeeded in taking me to style heaven. I love! 10. Emmanuel Ikubese: Most know him as Mr Nigeria