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Hellurrr….we’re half way through the week! And it’s style crush Wednesday for those who aren’t yet used to the pattern. I admit, I haven’t posted any of my style in a few weeks but I will do so this Friday. In the meantime, a tall glass of Neyo with this number Miss Independent. This is one of my all time favorite songs as it was dedicated to my young teenage self a very long time ago, by one correct and special ‘somborri’. Hehe. Story for another day *wink*. Now today’s

Hellurr… Is it quiet around you or is it just me? Some of us still have bags under our eyes and could really appreciate some quiet and a little sleep. Thankfully its quiet here. How has your week been so far? Interesting I hope. Let’s make it a little more interesting with this number by my first music love, Celine Dion. Incredible. I got on a bus today and I had almost forgotten how much drama goes on in there. A woman was trying to dupe the driver by not

Hellurr…have you ever woken up with someone on your mind and can’t deny the smile that creeps to your face. Like the person steps out of your dreams into reality and just continues with you into your day?? Creepy! Yet lovely. It’s safe to say I’m having one of those kinda mornings. Don’t ask me who…*tongue out*. I used to love this Madonna’s song and it best suits this text. Do listen, and then read. So on the chronicle today, I thought to talk about letting go. I didn’t want