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Hellurrr….happy May Day!! Just sounds more apt and feels like new beginnings to me! Like we’ve been given another chance with a new month to go explore, dream, conquer, and live purposefully. I’m excited for the month of May. You should too! Now which tune will be best for this beautiful Monday morning? Bruno Mars’ wait for you. Now to the business of the day. I remember back in school when I worked with Silverbird’s Rhythm 93.7 (bet you didn’t know that huh *wink*), every Monday was more or less

Hellurr…hot Wednesday yes? Phew and it doesn’t help that I’m currently wearing a knitted sweat shirt. Just so I can be someone’s style crush here at the office. Lol. I won’t mind a really cold shower. I mean if someone poured a bowl of iced water on me accidentally, I may be upset, but I’ll be low-key enjoying the wetness..hahaha..I’m kidding. Well we can cool ourselves with this amazing sensation, Andra Day. Still can’t get enough of the Adele/Rihanna mix of an artiste. Truly refreshing! So if you’ve been following

Hellurr…would you believe me if I said I’ve missed you? That won’t be a lie at all as I’ve sworn to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. A LOT has happened these past few weeks! I fell terribly ill, my blog got yanked off, I lost some files, gosh…where do I start from? Well let’s just say it’s great to be home again. These walls feel just as safe as the last time I was here. How have y’all been though? Oh hey for some

Hellurr..whites have never really been my favorite pieces. Yet it is one of the most versatile staples you can have. It’s Friday and another time to share some outfit inspirations! Oh yes, it’s the end of the working week for most of us as well. Can we toast to an amazing weekend yet? Cue music! Hey Rihanna. I had this shoot with the amazing Amah Afadameh some weeks ago and I can never tire of saying how much fun I have whenever I shoot with him. I don’t think I’ve

Hellurrr…happy new month my lovelies!!! Can you believe it? It’s August already!! Wow! Felt like yesterday when we gathered at House On The Rock for the cross over service. Hmm…God has indeed been faithful. This year has been awesome hasn’t it? I mean if you’re reading this then you’re alive and well and that’s more than enough reason to thank God. He’s been hopelessly kind and merciful to us all and we can’t be grateful enough. Ever. And that’s why I’m really excited for the #LK30daygratitude challenge some friends and