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Hellurr… You all must know by now how crazy I am about shoes. One would think that judging by that, I should own at least 200 pairs of shoes by now but naa…a girl is still hoping. Lol. It’s Wednesday people! And we’re crushing on some shoes! To help us crush just a little further is Fall by Brandy. Yes I know I featured her in the last post, but I just rediscovered this 2008 album and I’m bent on having you all enjoy it with me. *wide grin* Well,

Hellurrr…I’ve got a song on my lips this morning…‘Life Song’ by Casting Crown. Heard of them? They’re like doubly amazing and this song just makes me want to stay cuddled in God’s arms…lool..what song is on your lips this morning? Pls share!!  I’m a little under the weather, but hey, the party must go on! Say a prayer for me though, will you? So some time ago I was taking a bus back home from Abuja. Myself and my dad (superman) had gone to JAMB office to challenge some discrepancies in