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Hellurr…. It’s Wednesday! I know we would usually crush on one of my style inspiration but today, I’m really not inspired. So I thought I’ll just talk about my love-hate relationship with wigs so far. I’ve had quite an experience! But first, let’s sway to some feel good jam. I felt India Arie’s I am not my hair was the best fit for this post today. *wide grin* I feel like I should also say, that I am not my hair! Lol. I’m much more than that. So! I haven’t

Helluurrrr…Repeat after me…it’s FRIYAYYYY!!…Oulala! It feels like just yesterday the month started. Now it’s almost While we jolly and have fun, let’s be careful. These ’ember’ months are known to record serious recklessness from young people. Please let’s not get ahead of ourselves aii. I want you guys alive and fine, reading my blog doing what you love to do. hehehe. Anyways, the song for today is from the incredibly amazing ED Izycs! Gosh! Went for his album launch some days ago and I was sold out. Felt like listening