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All About Last Night

Hellurr….anyone in the room? Not carrying over the fun of last night? Didn’t think so, not with the amount of work we all have to do on a Monday morning. However, the Emmy’s happened last night!! I usually try to follow these awards and as usual, the Emmys didn’t disappoint. Before we get into all the juice that spilled last night, let’s sing along with Travis Greene on this one. Love Me Too Much. I saw a lot of stylish celebrities who’s style I really wanted to steal, even the

Hellurrrrr….I feel like it’s been 20 years! Hence the plenty rrrrrss. I think I have to remove the cobweb before sharing the style steal for the week. It’s been too long. I’m having a great time watching The Voice and sharing this little bits with you. Since we’re in the music zone, let’s ride along with Travis Greene with this spectacular number, All The Glory. It’s Monday and you know how we serve it every MANday. Today however, it’ll be different. Maybe I had a bit of cute baby overdose over

Less Is More

Hellurrr…did you notice it’s Friday??? Yasss!! I feel like hanging off the Chandeliers like Sia did some time ago in the song…lol. Have you listened to this version though? Oh em gee!! Some people can siiiinnnnggg. Jordan Smith ‘murdered’ it mehnn. I still think The Voice is the BESTEST music talent hunt platform out there. Yes I said it. Take it the bank or sue me…lol. I could spend an entire day watching the guys on that platform. But yet again I could do same for Empire…oh well…I love music, what