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Hellurr…Happy new month Fam!! Hope we’re easing beautifully into the month. How has the holiday been? I’ve had quite a busy weekend. While it really hurt me that I missed the fashion cookout I was so looking forward to and Jazz festival, I was glad I got to attend the other events I attended. We’ll talk about that at a later post. It’s MANday and we’ll be serving all shades of polo and suits. In the meantime, let’s reminisce on Ocean drive by Lighthouse. I miss them. So the weather

Hellurr… happy Wednesday!! Who are you crushing on today? For me, it’s TwentySix and their skirts! My love for made-in-Nigeria things just spiked up one bar when I saw this new collection by the eccentric brand. I have seen bloggers and friends rock some of their skirts but these are really dope! Before we get ahead of ourselves, can we take a moment to sing along with India Arie? Long time no hear right? ‘I am not my hair’ for them ladies in the room, especially the ‘naturalistas’. Fellas have