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Hellurrr…I know, I apologise, I sincerely do. Blogger Spotlight hasn’t beamed on anyone in the last month or so but that changes now *blows kisses*. Listen to this Taylor Swift’s song, to cool your temper. I love style and I love to write. Blogging is just one of the ways I express that. But when I see someone who writes beautifully well and then captivates me with their pictures as well, I’m sold out! Literally. Grace was and still is one of those kind of people. You would argue that her

Hellurrr…the weekend is closer today than we first believed!! Yay!!!.. Hope your week has been fun so far. Well for me….errrr….it can be better. I’m grateful all the same. Have you ever felt like you’re becoming someone else? Maybe due to an experience from the past or someone in your life? I get that change is constant, and when its a good change its very much welcome, but your core needs to stay true. Your identity MUST not be compromised. Honestly, I’ve subconsciously let some experiences make some changes to who