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Hellurr….it’s been a crazy mix of events for me and in all of it, the results have been magical. If you follow my rants as much as I hope you do, you’ll know I’ve been raving about Creatives Connect. It’s a value-adding platform for creatives to come together, partner, network and pick valuable tools with which to birth magic and excel as a creative entrepreneur. It happened last weekend and it was all shades of magical! But first of all, introduction, MatchBox 20’s number titled Soul for the ride. For some reason,

Beauty And Me

Hellurrr…Its a warm morning in the city of Lagos. How’s your day going?? Have I wished you a happy new month yet? oh happy new month lovelies!!! I’m positive September would be an epic month we all would love to not forget. Go ahead and declare it! There’s this thing that comes with the “ember” months. People seem to be a lot more in a hurry, crime seemingly goes up a notch, accidents become more frequent. Well I believe this year will have none of that. I pray all you